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Watching this young family grow along with my photography business has been secretly one of my unspoken source of pride in my short professional career so far. We had some amazing sessions with TJ and Fiona even before they got married, and then their wedding day, and now this – watching them raising a cute bundle of joy, Julian Treadwell. I can safely say that my journey with them has been a big accomplishment so as to speak, and with an immense sense of satisfaction. Now, if you may excuse me to stop that tear from welling up in my eyes…

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Having done quite a few family sessions, I would say that capturing the moments families share together is an undeniably more difficult task than, say, weddings. Wedding couples are often too engrossed in the oft-chaotic events that occur during their wedding day to worry about me snapping their pictures, which is a good thing :p Pre-weddings are, on the other hand, sessions where the couple is always conscious of my presence, and thus, the camera. There is a mutual understanding for us to capture shots which portray love that is shared between two people. So they rarely, and I really mean rarely, question what tricks I have up my sleeve.

On the other hand, family sessions are where it gets trickier: the addition of a third, and sometimes fourth or fifth, member of the family (albeit adorable I must add!) makes everyone go a little haywire and illogical at times. Baby doesn’t feel well and cries? Check. Baby is hungry? Been there. Children running amok? Done that. Parents going flustered when chasing after their kids? Common stuff. Loads of unpredictability.

Despite all these difficulties (or unpredictability), I still love family sessions for the following reasons: 1. Children make the world seem like a better place, well, most of the time. 2. The family bond is something that transcends the romance of a couple. It is something, shall I say it, that requires a certain degree of sacrifice for two adults to take care of a toddler and to raise him to be a good person. And finally 3. I love kids. As plain and simple as that 🙂

I better stop writing Otherwise I’m gonna bore the hell out of you guys here, and I hope you guys enjoy the images from the session with this lovely family, the Treadwells. Cheers!