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Phew! It has been quite a while since I had shared any images here on the blog, and boy, does it feel great! I really love weddings that are full of joy, and it does not necessary be those that have the most elaborate decorations or largest crowds, which I am sure the regular reading here should know by now 🙂 That is why I felt such a compelling force to write up a little about Jonathan and Mindy’s wedding, which happened a few months back.

I knew Jonathan from my army days back at Sispec many years ago, and then we coincidentally got posted to the same combat unit after we ‘passed out’ from the training school. Armed with a loud personality, and with an equally no-nonsense approach to whatever he does, he became quite a character in the camp. Needless to say, after so many years and then getting a message from him saying that he loved my works and would like to hire me for his wedding day, I was delighted and was sure that it would be a wedding full of colorful characters and interesting moments.

True to my instinct, his wife-to-be-then, Mindy, is an equally loveable character, to say the least! I really enjoyed chatting with her in the morning while she had her makeup done, and it was also heartening to see that she was not the least bit nervous on that day. That arguably made my job of capturing the expressions and moments so much easier 🙂

Other than the bride and groom, my heart was really warmed by how their family and friends treated me, even though I was a stranger to them, and it’s easy to see why these two characters are so loved by their close ones, and how much their family and friends hold a special place in their hearts. Although their wedding at the beautiful Fort Canning Hotel was a relatively small one, it was chocked full of warmth.

My utmost gratitude to you guys for making that day such a special and memorable one! Here’s wishing you guys a really blissful and longlasting life together as one .

Love, Haolun, the photo guy