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In one’s life, there will be an infinite number of decisions made. Some will be celebrated, others, regretted. Some really gets your excited like how a child’s eyes lit when he opens an X’mas present, while others can be as mundane as choosing an espresso over a latte at your regular coffe joint. Some decisions are of no apparent consequences, like how you choose to walk route A instead of route B to a destination, and if we are picky, we might say that one might take a little more time than the other. Very rare are those times where a decision leaves a profound impression on you, one that stirs something inside of you, one that leaves a footprint in your heart.

7 April 2014 – the day that my wife and I left for Iceland. The day that we made the best decision of our lives together. The day of the start of our honeymoon. In short, the best trip of our lives.

We arrived at the sleepy city of Reykjavik in the evening after two long transits at Helsinki and Stockholm, collected our rental Chevrolet, and headed off to our BNB apartment in the heart of the city. We spent the next 9 days traversing the western and northern part of Iceland, going through cities and towns like Stykkisholmur, Varmahlid, Akureyri and Seydisfjordur, with the latter the last stop before we boarded the Smyril Line to the next instalment of our journey, the Faroe Islands. But that I will leave it till a later date when I do blog about it 🙂

The journey at the northern parts of Iceland was remarkably different from the rest of the trip. It was snowing at most times, which meant that I had to be extra careful driving. The winds, shall I mention, were crazy strong, so much so that I gave up my hair after a 2 days there.  The Icelandic landscape was arguably the highlight of the trip – large, desolate plains which were punctured by the numerous mountains around it. No area was exactly the same, which also meant that most of the time we just stopped as we please to get some photographic evidence of the majestic landscape that appeared before us every now and then.

The lengthy number of photos serve as a memory of that unforgettable trip and, admittedly, while there were loads more which were not drafted in, I hope all of you out there can enjoy these special frames that our eyes could capture. I wish we could have captured more though! Till the next instalments!

-HL, the photo guy, and YH, the wife