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Being born and bred in Singapore where the culture promotes individualism and independence, i have grown to be grateful for small but close-knit communities like the one that Jon and Mel are so actively in. The people close around them are friendly, accepting, and most importantly, sincere, and that’s what i find to be most comforting while photographing them.

I knew Jon and Mel from a dear friend of mine, Daniel, who has since moved overseas, and through him i have got to become friends with some of the most fabulous people around. These young people love God with a burning passion, and everytime i join in their worship i will feel something inexplicable in the air, like there’s a larger force at work.

Jon and Mel are some of the most real, most passionate people i have met. They are also incredibly close with their family, and during the day i followed them around, i could really feel their love for the people close around them. They have an incredible artistic flair, as evident from how they styled themselves and their wedding.  Which brings me to their wedding, which I felt was done up beautifully and with character, a little different from the usual cookie-cutter sort of weddings that the wedding industry is becoming more accustomed to. Their customized logo, the personal messages that every guest had on their seat at W Hotel, and even down to the shoes which they both wore, was nothing short of refreshing for me as a seasoned wedding photographer.

Thank you Jon and Mel, for giving me and Tommy a chance to witness such a beautiful wedding day, for reigniting the passion in me, and for making us feel something special again. 🙂

Haolun, the photo guy