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When we launched our first ever campaign on facebook a while ago, we were unsure, and some how skeptical. Are couples willing to share their stories with us, and will we share the same values, given that anyone from the public can join? The last thing we want are couples who join us with an entirely different vision from ours, which is to capture as real as possible their relationships with each other.

The first time we met JR and Vanessa, I could still remember how it was like. JR is, as with most guys out there, the quieter and more unassuming one of the two. There’s no mistaking in his affection for Vanessa as well, and as we talked more about the interesting aspects of their relationship, the more I grew fond of him. Vanessa was the life of the party, so as to speak. She was all chattery and spontaneous, which certainly complemented well with JR’s character. They also loved taking photographs during their trips, and on more than one occasion hired photographers to help them capture their adventures abroad, and that I could certainly resonate well! Tommy and I were really glad they won, as we felt they would be an awesomely fun couple to have this fun little session with.

A few weeks ago, when I heard that JR had successfully proposed to Vanessa, I was really happy for them, and I couldn’t wait to share these photos with them. Congratulations, and I’m sure you two will have a wonderful and exciting journey together from now on!


Haolun, the photo guy