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It has been a while since I had last blogged, especially since the busy wedding season had just ended. I had been getting my hands full at the computer going through all the countless images that I had taken. It was also during this time that I had made official my status as an upcoming-dad, so imagine my thrill and excitement at this strange new experience for me!

I had always heard many horror stories from my friends who are dads themselves – the agonizing sleep deprivation nights, the poop-clearing sessions, getting their faces sprayed while changing diapers. Despite all these, I am really looking forward to the birth of my son, who will be greeted into this world in a few weeks time.

It was just on this fine day that we decided to head down to somewhere we had always drove past, but never had a chance to visit area. It was quiet and full of energy that place, and I was pleasantly surprised at how big the park is and how different it looked from all the other manicured-parks that our country has. So it was just me, her and the little one in her tummy, and a tripod of course, in that little course of 40 minutes that we took some shots of ourselves.

So, with bated breath we wait…. 🙂

-HL, the photo guy