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Being in this industry for so long, the Alkaff mansion has always been on my shortlist for ‘a-must-shoot-venue’ due to its beautiful colonial facade as well as it being very different from the traditional hotel weddings. I have always liked nature, and to be surrounded by the gorgeous greenery outdoors (there’s even a fountain in the garden!) was a refreshing experience for me. Even though it might get a little warm during the garden solemnization, the beautiful evening glow of the venue more than made it up it!

As for the couple, Gabrion and Stephanie, who are two aspiring young entrepreneurs, they wanted a wedding less conventional than the usual, which was evident even in the retro choice of attire for the bridal party in the morning! The whole day was such a fruitful one, no less due to the countless spontaneous moments and one of the reasons why photography can be so fulfilling a career for me. They also suggested the rustic-looking Dakota estate for us to photograph the bridal party, which was really an ideal place considering their retro attire. The only pity was that we couldn’t have a cup of coffee at the Tian Kee cafe as it was full of customers, but oh well, you can’t always have your cake and eat it I suppose!

Looking back at these photos, I am feeling so grateful to Gabrion and Stephanie for allowing me and Tommy to participate in such a momentous event, and I would like to wish them the very best in this new chapter of their lives!

-HL, the photo guy