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I have always loved small-scale weddings. It allows for close proximity with everyone involved in the wedding, and there’s a good bet that anyone that is involved in the wedding has played an important part in the lives of the couple. It’s these weddings where I would cosy up with the people there, often listening to what they had to share of their stories of the bride and groom. It’s also where I feel less of the odd-one out in this intimate gathering – everyone just seems to know each other and even if they don’t, they will still treat you like family.

It was during the wedding of Wc and Tricia that I felt the full extent of such a scenario. I had no qualms shaking the hands of their guests and breaking into a nice conversation with them. The parents of Tricia, were extraordinary hosts, and they made sure that I felt at home as much as possible. With their warmth treatment and hospitality, for a brief second or two I was reminded of my own family and that warm fuzzy kind of feeling that often accompanies it.

It was not hard to see why there was so much love that day – Wc and Tricia were absolutely such warm and real people, and the fact that they chose their home for their wedding vows speaks volume of their desire to have their wedding kept as authentic as possible. Wc even handcrafted the wedding arch all by himself, to lend the venue an even more intimate atmosphere. He shared with me how they dated, and how he had always walked past the same house when he was a student en route to school, when he had not known Tricia, and how it dawned upon him that fate really exists after getting to know and love Tricia. Their story kept me fixated when I first heard it, and it is one that I will probably remember for life.

Thank you both, for moving me on that special day.

-HL, the photo guy