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It was an early morning when the sun rose from its slumber.

We felt the graze of sand on our soles, our spirits energized when the morning breeze brushed past our barely-awaken faces. The bark of Kingston was an anchor for them to return to reality, the soft fur of his a reminder of the feelings they feel for an old friend. They felt the familiar smell and touch of the warm leather hides in one hand, to be shaped into something tangible while holding the cool metallic tools in the other. It was the sense of escape that leather-making afforded them, to be engrossed in that little world of their own with nothing but themselves. The streets of Singapore’s back alleys brought back memories of them growing up, and what it means to be raised in this small city of ours.

Most importantly, we all felt something that day, which was kinda nice.

Thank you Dennis and Charlene for being such a real and spontaneous couple for this engagement session, and their lovely friends, Pearl Ning and Choonwei for all the help they could possibly give. And of course, Kingston for being such a chill pal. I can’t wait to cover your wedding day soon 🙂

-Love, HL