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I have been having a bit of a hiatus from posting on the blog, and boy, am I am glad to be back. It is always good to have a bit of a break to do some self-reflection, be it on personal or business matters. It is also a busy time for many Singaporeans now, with many with their minds on the general election coming up. I, for one, feel really lucky to be born in such a politically stable country, considering the recent incidents arising from our neighbouring countries. Whatever the outcome of this important event in our 50th year of independence, I am sure Singaporeans have a bright future to look to.

Here are the photographs from the wedding day of Justin and Ivy that I had done at the Grand Copthorne Hotel a while back, and I am really glad that I had taken the time to select some images to post. It is also a wedding that has a groom from the military, so instead of the usual black suit, Justin wore the ceremonial military uniform which was a refreshing change from the usual weddings. On the other hand, Ivy the bride has such a cool and calm persona, and even her outfit for the banquet was such a unique one. Even though it was a relatively simple wedding to document, I had lots of fun and I am really grateful for Justin and Ivy for giving me the opportunity to capture their beautiful wedding day.