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It’s a Monday and let’s kick start the week with feelings of gratitude, shall we?

There are a few wedding locations in Singapore that I have a soft spot for. For starters, Burkill Hall in Botanic gardens is one of those, mainly due to the fact that I held my very own wedding there. Then there’s the beautiful Amara sanctuary hotel in Sentosa that I feel has one of the best ambience for a hotel-based wedding. And then there’s Fort Canning Hotel, due to it’s relative obscure location despite the fact that it is located right in the heart of the city. I love it for that fact, and not only that, the weddings of the couples that I document there contain some of the loveliest people that I have ever met.

Linda and Kuoping might seem like the most normal couple around – Kuoping due to his shy demeanour, and Linda for her girl-next-door looks. But put these two together, and I can see that they are really meant for each other. Although reserved in nature, Kuoping has a fierce passion for Linda which I can tell from his eyes when they were announcing their vows together. When they were walking down the aisle together, I could never see a happier man than him on that day. Linda, on the other hand, was the more outgoing of the two, which I felt really complemented the reservedness of her other half perfectly. She has a glow around her that immediately brightens up everyone around them, and even though we were not friends before I felt an affinity to right away! They treated everyone with the same passion and friendliness, and that also included Tommy and I as well – there’s nothing better than understanding and patient couples and for that I am truly grateful that our team were able to document their big day.

Thank you Kuoping and Linda for all the smiles, the warmth, and for treating us like one of your own on that very special day, and we would like to wish you two the most blissful of marriages ever!

– Haolun