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While I cannot claim to be a veteran in my field of work of documenting weddings (although I must have photographed close to 200 weddings, I think), I have noticed that more couples are choosing to have a more personal and intimate setting for their weddings. Choosing to celebrate their biggest day of their lives with their closest friends and families, these weddings are the ones that make my heart flutter in a fuzzy kind of way. And this is a good sign, I guess, for I think that these weddings are the ones that inspire me to keep faith in my passion.

A few weeks ago, I had the honour of witnessing two friends tying the knot in the best possible manner ever – in the witness of the people they hold dear to their hearts, right at their humble backyard. Now, it wasn’t a sprawling backyard like the ones you see in movies, those infinite lawns of green where children could just run around and not worry about knocking into someone. No – it was a tight space with just enough space for their families to let their feet feel the soft grass whenever they felt weary of living in this concrete world, where they could hold small parties whenever the occasion arise, where they could tend to their personal floral collection – there was even a banana tree there! Its these small spaces that I relish working around though, with a space that tight, there is bound to be interactions. Lots. And that is probably why I had a enjoyable time that day, and why I hold these photographs dear in my heart.

Thank you, my friends, for having me, and that lovely dose of inspiration 🙂

With love,

HL, visual storyteller

Gown by Jessica Cindy Gowns

Floral and setup by Fiona Treadwell

Makeup by Tangyong hair and makeup artist