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Sometimes, on a rainy day, i look back at wedding photographs that i had taken a while back, just to keep my heart warm and full and experiencing the wedding all over again. When i browsed through these captures from zhijia and leeming’s wedding, i knew i had to share the wedding journey that they had.

We had spent some time together getting some engagement photos before the wedding day, and although initially they felt that they would do without the photos, they decided to go ahead with it because they felt it would be nice to have some photos for the family to look back on. During the day, their down-to-earth nature struck me deeply – we talked about their difficult journey thus far and how they had to overcome certain odds just to be together, and their story filled up a certain part of my heart after listening to them. Religion played a big part in their decision to be together as well, and in retrospect, i felt really lucky to have a smooth-sailing relationship as compared to them.

And so we met again on their wedding day, and it was one of the most heartfelt ones that i had the privilege of attending. this was in no small part thanks to the amazingly close friends and family who were there to celebrate with them. A certain part of my heart just goes warm while reminiscing their wedding day, and these are the moments when i feel that i would never stop being thankful for being a storyteller on the biggest celebrations of people’s lives. The wedding dinner at Raffles house at fort canning hill was just the perfect setting for such an intimate affair -away from the crowd, perched on a quiet part of the hill just adds to the allure of the place.

How such a small space like this could house so much heartfelt moments, this i would never know.

~With a full heart, HL, visual storyteller

/wedding venue at Raffles house/

/wedding videography by Twenty eight Picks/

/wedding jewelry by Choo Yilin Jewellery/