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“Hi both, I was a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding and I loved the way you both went about capturing moments throughout the day.” – Reema

Those were the words that Reema wrote when she contacted us, and I faintly recall her at the previous wedding that she was a part of – quiet, reserved, yet super friendly and always ready to help out with a big smile. So when we met up for coffee, it was with a familiar face in Reema, and Vivek, whom I had never met before – an eloquent and equally enthusiastic groom-to-be who was fervently explaining the intricacies of an Indian wedding ceremony.

It’s not often that I get to document an Indian wedding, but when I do, my whole being gets soaked up in the electric atmosphere. Vivek and Reema’s wedding day was a feast for the senses – the amazing colours, the gaze of the murals and the idols at the temple, the faintly familiar rituals that we had somehow witnessed one way or another in our everyday Singaporean lives, the smoky interiors of the temple that brings with it a delicate aroma, and the feelings that seize us when all around the tears of joy erupt from their loved ones.

From the traditional Indian wedding ceremony at the temple, their intimate welcome at their matrimony home, to their wedding party at Holiday Inn hotel, Tommy and I were incredibly blessed to be part of their wedding day, and here’s their story, in all their glory.

-HL + Tommy, visual storytellers