About Us

Hello there. I am Haolun, a bespectacled, chirpy kind of guy you might find familiar from your company of friends. I am also a visual storyteller, based in sunny Singapore. You might guess that I love photography more than anything else, and in that sense, you are right. Photographing people is my passion, and I am deeply humbled yet excited that you have managed to fish me out from the world of sea out there.

Keeping me grounded in life is my lovely wife – my rock, advisor, confidante – as well as my newborn son who is undeniably the most wonderful person that has come into my life. We love to explore, and our curiosity is mainly fuelled by heading out on a whim to faraway lands that are often off the beaten track. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I have always felt at home whilst being surrounded by tall trees and enveloped by the sounds of crickets. I also enjoy having good coffee while listening to my favourite songs at home.

The photographs that I love capturing all have something in common – they are heartfelt, spontaneous, emotional, and most important of all, honest. So far, I have forged a journey in wedding photography with these words in mind. I am extremely grateful that weddings, being the amazing celebrations of lives, have provided me this privilege of capturing a glimpse of their lives, if just for a day. I often think that wedding photography helps create important artifacts, or even family heirlooms, that can withstand the test of time, something that transports you back to that moment when they were taken.

I would love to get to know you and your partner better, so feel free to arrange a coffee date with me via my mobile (+65 97698219), or at my email at haolun@framewerks.sg. Alternatively, you can head on to the contact page to say ‘hi’.

Thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart – Haolun


Hi there. I am Tommy, the creative mind and principle videographer at Framewerks. I have about as much passion as anybody when it comes to wedding videography. Tommy started his hobby in photography with a DSLR back in 2006. But it was during 2010, when a dear friend asked him for help to shoot video at her parents’ 30th anniversary dinner. That night, Tommy was exposed to the world of capturing motion stills and video editing. Watching movies was never the same again as he would be thinking of the cinematography aspects behind the movies. With his other interest in music (he has been jamming with his friends throughout his school days on his Epiphone Les Paul), the 2 elements combined to give his current video style with a focus to entertain his audience. To him, every laughter and every clap from the audience when his video is being played, tells him that he is making a right choice in his life – doing something that brings joy and happiness to others.