Looking back at the years that i had been photographing weddings, i realised that i had got to come across people from all walks of life. this is probably one of the biggest reasons why i had kept going on this journey .

i first spoke with Dominic and Gracelyn when i was attending a wedding of my good pal some years back, and we would always see each other whenever i was the photographer at their various friends’ weddings. they struck me as some of the nicest people i had ever met, always putting their faith central to whatever they do.

it felt warm during our first official meet up to talk about their wedding plans, over ice cream at my favourite haunt, it just felt like i knew them all along.

their wedding was grounded, as they knew what the underlying meaning of weddings are, and that is to celebrate their joy with the important people in their lives. it was truthful, real, unpretentious, and simply an occasion for them to get together and make merry. for me, it felt like i was photographing a long-time friend’s wedding day.

i was indeed blessed to be able to know these two beautiful souls, and here is their story of their day.