I still remember the day when I met Darrell and Francesca for a cup of coffee to talk through their wedding day. It was also the perfect time to get to know each other, size each other’s expectations up, and see if we are a good fit with each other. After all, while a wedding photographer’s portfolio is important, being comfortable with each other in close quarters ranks a close second in my opinion, especially on a wedding day where shared spaces becomes a scarce commodity.

It became clear that, after our conversations with each other, they were everything that I could wish for in a couple. Darrell, himself a photographer by trade, was funny and extremely easy to talk to. Francesca (or Franny, for short), had this really whimsical demeanour that I find really unique. They had planned for their church wedding to be as true to themselves as possible, with nothing extravagant other than really beautiful flowers (provided by Floral Magic) to lend that special atmosphere. The wedding was held at the beautifully quaint Church of the Sacred Heart, and being one of the oldest church in Singapore it had an air of the olden days. Most importantly, the wedding was fuss-free, sincere, and full of emotions and laughter, which, in my eyes, is what a wedding should be like.

Thank you guys for the honor – it’s weddings like these which make it all worthwhile 🙂


Haolun, visual storyteller