i remembered meeting John and Valerie for the first time. it was in his office, late after dinner where every employee had already knocked off from work. it was spacious, had such intertwining narrow walkways that it would not look out of place in a maze. we made our way to the pantry, and we settled beside the glow and whirring sounds made from the vending machines. the place was unbelievably quiet for an office, and it felt as though the world had stopped for us.

we talked about their wedding plans, their upcoming photo adventure in bali, perched on the pantry’s high chairs, albeit uncomfortably, and instantly their words struck a chord with me. they were an adventurous and free-spirited couple, and their wish for their wedding was everyone important in their lives would have an immense time there. we chatted non-stop about life, sipping hot and bland instant coffee from the vending machine, and i have to admit i kept fidgeting on my seat, as high chairs are not really renowned for their comfort levels. after the first meeting, there was a small part inside me that secretly hoped that they would hire me.

and they did. thankfully 🙂

here it goes –