sometimes, after a wedding, i still remember vividly what happened on that day – the familiar humid singapore air and that unmistakable scent of the incoming rain; the early hours arriving at the bride’s home; the warm smiles that opened up to me even though we only met for the first time; the resonating laughter echoing through the living room.

sometimes i could also remember the excitement that i could feel from the bride’s chatter; the groom looking over to me nervously when he had just arrived to fetch her and his uncertainty of what was in store for him; the look of bliss when they laid eyes on each other in their own formal gown and suit; the moments where they walked down the aisle together hand-in-hand with cheers all around; the high fives and handshakes that followed them wherever they went; and that sense of contentment whenever they held each other close in their arms.

the wedding of zhengyu and prissie was just that, and would i dare say, much more, and i was blessed enough to be able to document that fateful day. thank you both, if you are reading this thousands of miles away, for being an inspiration for me. if there was ever a wedding day that is chicken soup for the soul, your wedding would be it.

-haolun, visual storyteller

->Wedding lunch @ Sofitel sentosa spa & resort

->Wedding party @ Aura, National gallery

-> Makeup and hair by Gin Tan makeup –